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My mission is to inspire women to be their most beautiful themselves. To strengthen and remind women to show how strong and powerful they are. I also want to inspire women to love and chase their dreams and connect to Angels and get all the help angels can give you. You only have to ask for their help. Angels need your permission to help, so ask and

Get angles wings on your back and fly high and live a fuller life. These angel inspired collection also has clothing for men, almost angels, and children, little angels.

Angels whisper found its feet in April 2017. I have been a marketing agency entrepreneur for over ten years, but still, I was figuring what I will do when I grow up.

One day, a couple of years ago, I stated to my husband that I had had such a good life, with ups and downs, that I must have had an angel sitting on my shoulder. And after that, angels came to my life in different ways and places. They became a natural part of my life. Natural but still secret. I did not talk about them to my friends; only a small group of friends knew about my angels.

One day I found myself thinking: Keep calm and listen to the Angels when there was something I did not know what to do, or I was trying to figure out something. And then something beautiful happened – Angels whisper was born.

Living a life of ‘good vibes’ made me want to share angels to the world, and I started designing angel inspired clothes and accessories. I felt tremors of a new exciting beginning.

Angel whisper began its journey with an inspiring apparel collection – clothing that tells about the power of Angels, stories, beliefs & personal messages.
My passion and ideas are whispers from angels – they come from pure, compassion, equality & always rocking good vibes!

Be the change you want to see in the world.

With gratitude,